In our very first Nostalgic episode, we discussed one of our favorite movies from childhood, a magical world called Labyrinth! To go along with your movie watching, whether it’s the first time or the ten thousandth, here are some fun recipes to make your movie night as epic as the “Dance Magic Dance” scene in the movie!


  1. Go Simple: Get some classic snacks at the grocery store or make some with a twist (fun link below from Buzzsprout for ideas!)  and just print and put up some cards!

2. Zhuzh it up a bit with these simple snacks!

25 Snacks That Everyone Should Have On Their Movie Night Menu (

3. Use a gingerbread cut out to do gingerbread or sugar cookies! Use a simple poured icing to make his striped pajamas!!

NOTE: I LOVE King Arthur’s Poured Petite Four icing for my sugar cookies! It has a little bit of almond extract with white chocolate! YUM!


Chicken A La Goblin King




Sandwich Cookies:

Adult Beverages! (drinking game instructions included!)

Drinking Cinema beat us to the punch (ba ha! See what I did there?…..). I don’t think we could ever top what they’ve done with this page, so make sure you head over and give them props!

Ideas for Decorations and Props: 

From putting out some costume beads and masks to DIY costumes… Pinterest is where it’s at for ideas. I got lost in a total wormhole, but here was some fund things that caught my eye!

Whatever you do HAVE FUN! Don’t forget to tag us in your party pics!!

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